About Tuba Benian
Tuba Benian, who graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University, Media and Communication Systems Department in 2001, made some styling works in some magazines in the media during the following years, but could not resist her passion for fashion and she took Fashion Design Training from Lasalle Academy.

Tuba Benian, who is also interested in professional horse-riding and who still participates in various races, established her own workshop and team on May 2010 and united the fashion and horse-riding, which she was addicted to, in the fashion brand she created.

The designer exhibits her customized ready wear and haute couture collection under the brand “Tuba Benian”, and the collections specially designed for horse-riders under “Tua by Tuba Benian” line in her showroom at Nişantaşı.

The designer, who also exhibits special shoe designs and children collections in her showroom, keeps the forms out of the ordinary and makes her designs energetic and modern. The resulting woman achieves being Parisian and stands special. Her woman loves luxury and comfort, is sure of herself and full of passion. She has a style which women of any age would like to wear with admiration.

The jewelry and accessory collection, which is noteworthy as much as her clothes, is also exhibited in her showroom. The opening of the showroom of Tuba Benian, who designs customized jewelry also, was realized on December 7th, 2010.

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